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Both acute and chronic health. Effects are relevant for employees working with chemicals day after day.

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Well as chronic hazards such as carcinogens.

Nfpa chemical hazard label. When selecting a design you will need to assess the sophistication training and patience of the exposed workers. In the past some chemical manufacturers used nfpa diamonds on their products but now labels are required to use ghs labeling. Nfpa chemical hazard label nfpa rating the national fire protection association nfpa has developed a standard system ansinfpa 704 for indicating the health flammability and reactivity hazards of chemicals.

Standard system for the identification of the hazards of materials for emergency response. The national fire protection association nfpa developed a hazard identification system for emergency responders that is still in use today. The national fire protection association nfpa in the united states uses a standard called nfpa 704 as a chemical hazard label.

Nfpa 704 defines a code of colors numbers and symbols for emergency personnel to identify hazardous materials. Nfpa 704 is a supplemental labeling system specifically intended for emergency responders though other people can read and benefit from these labels in normal working conditions. Health hazards include acute hazards such as eye irritants simple asphyxiants and skin corrosives as.

These pressure sensitive paper and pvc free vinyl safety labels meet the nfpa 704 standard and are printed with light fast inks and reliable adhesive so you can be sure they wont fade or fall off. With a variety of options including pin feed laser and write on styles youre sure to find the right label for the job keeping you in compliance. Based national fire protection association.

Standard system for the identification of the hazards of materials for emergency response is a standard maintained by the us. The nfpa diamond itself for example is ideal for firemen. The nfpa hazard rating system is part of nfpa 704.

In addition a special precaution symbol may be used where necessary. Nfpa 704 sometimes is called a fire diamond because the diamond shaped sign indicates flammability of a substance and also communicates essential information about how emergency response teams should deal with a material if there is a spill fire or other accident. Most people have seen these types of labels as the diamond shape with colors and numbers on the label is easily recognizable.

First tentatively adopted as a guide in 1960 and revised several times since then it defines the colloquial fire diamond or safety square used. Acute short term and chronic long term health hazards. Our suite of nfpa labels and stickers have been used by hundreds of firms to increase understanding of the hazard and increase safety compliance.

This section briefly explains the nfpa system.

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