Why Should We Label Gmo Foods

At the very least we should have these foods labeled. Nobody should be treated like a lab rat especially our children.

Liu Debates Gmo Debate Summary

Major food corporations and agribusiness companies spent a combined 67 million to defeat ballot referendums in california and washington on the labeling of genetically engineered ge foods also.

Why should we label gmo foods. The idea of food laden with foreign genes may sound scary but it really isnt. Why we shouldnt label or worry about genetically modified products. Contain a gmo ingredient.

Maine and connecticut have label laws too. Gmo labeling has and always been and will always be a health and safety issue first. Even though 9 out of 10 people want them labeled the biotech companies and food manufacturers do not.

Consumers should know if what they are purchasing is harmful. By some estimates over 75 of all processed foods sold in the us. Gmos are also known as genetically engineered bio engineered biotech crops or transgenic organisms.

The safety of genetically modified food is an unnecessarily controversial subject. The fight over labeling is not confined to those who are selling gmo or non gmo products. Vermont passed a law last year requiring labeling of genetically modified food.

Despite countless studies finding no adverse health effects leading to a comprehensive report from independent scientists finding no difference between gmos and conventionally bred crops and the fda clearing gmo salmon for sale. Labels are one way to inform them. The bottom line is that we have a product in our food supply with unknown health and environmental implications.

If their products are beneficial and safe why not label them. If citizens are not allowed to be responsible for their own health then the responsibility falls on the government. Most frequently these ingredients are corn soy canola cottonseed sugar beef or dairy.

The fact is that gmos in our food need to be labeled because they are a factor of our health. A gmo is the result of a laboratory process where genes are taken from one species and inserted into another in an attempt to obtain a desired trait or characteristic. Gmo foods should be labeled.

Why we shouldnt label gmo foods. But gmo foods dont fall into that category. However try as we might we cannot make that happen in the us.

Due to lack of labeling many americans are still unfamiliar with what genetically modified foods are. As a first step we must demand the labeling of foods that contain gmos so consumers can make an informed choice. Recent polls indicate that the overwhelming majority of americans think gmo foods should be labeled.

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