Gentrol Igr Concentrate Label

37860a 37880a 100540535 epa reg. Fogging applications are best for larger facilities including warehouses refer to warehouses section below.

Gentrol Igr Concentrate

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Gentrol igr concentrate label. Gentrol igr is labeled for food and non food areas. It can move deep into wall cavities cracks and crevices reaching the pests that other treatments miss. Gentrol igr concentrate translocates from treated areas to locations that are typically difficult to treat.

Avoid contact with eyes skin or clothing. 1 800 248 7763 transportation emergency phone. Keep out of reach of children.

Gentrol igr prevents developing roaches from reaching sexual maturity by inhibiting their growth and breaking the cycle. Chemical product information product name. Surface spray application do not apply.

Food service last about 2 months. To convert gentrol dilution to a foam add foaming agent at manufacturers rate. Zoecon gentrol igr concentrate.

Private residence last 4 months. S hydroprene the active ingredient. Refer to the dilution preparation section of this label for appropriate dilution rate for gentrol.

Gentrol igr liquid concentrate is an insect growth regulator. Material safety data sheet zoecon gentrol igr concentrate manufacturer. Gentrol igr concentrate is a high performing insect growth regulator that disrupts the lifecycle of pests including roaches fruit flies and stored product pests like pantry moths and beetles.

Prior to using in commercial or residential household food areas please refer to the food handling e s t ablishment applicat i o n s section of the label. Zoecon gentrol igr concentrate synonyms. Follow the requirements of the foam equipment manufacturer.

Gentrol per 12000 cu ft. For best results use the higher amount of the foaming agent rate range. The gentrol insect growth regulator s hydroprene effectively breaks the insect life cycle and offers 120 days of control.

Gentrol is a revolutionary insect growth regulator. 1000 tower lane suite 245 bensenville il 60106 emergency phone. Juveniles exposed to gentrol will be sterile as adults thus stopping the constant cycle of reproduction in an infestation.

Restrictions on use. It uses hydropropene a synthetic juvenile hormone look alike to disrupt pests normal growth pattern. The preparations prior to treatment and the clean up.

Gentrol igr concentrate featuring a translocating active ingredient to reach hard to treat areas gentrol igr concentrate is an ideal fruit and drain fly cockroach and bed bug control solution. Gentrol is intended for use as a general surface spray fogging spot and crack and crevice applications. Gentrol is an igr or insect growth regulator.

Follow the directions of the more restrictive label when tank mixing. 2724 351 zoecon rf 259 emulsifiable concentrate 12. Recommended use and restrictions on use recommended use.

Gentrol igr in 1 oz bottles will yield 1 gallon. Use water or oil as a diluent depending on the type of equipment used. Gentrol may be tank mixed with adulticides labeled for fogging.

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